Progress North is a trusted organization in the Northwoods, the primary focus of which is connecting the people of northern Wisconsin
to each other – and others across the state – across the deep divisions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and generation.
We center all of our work around the values of equity, people centered democracy, and the common good.

We are from northern Wisconsin and we know that people here have a strong sense of identity centered in their rural communities and small towns, and that each has its own unique sensibility. But there are common values and ideals that connect us all and make this a wonderful place to live. We have the opportunity to focus public attention on creating a country where everyone is safe and free, with a care system and economy that works for all of us.

And we have a clear vision for a better future: by coming together to rewrite the rules and making the wealthiest few pay their fair share, we can ensure that everyone — Black, white and brown, native and newcomer — can earn a good living and have a good life; we can resource our schools so that every child can pursue their dreams; and we can provide families with the care we all need to get and stay well.

Progress North is an independent project, fiscally sponsored by TakeAction Minnesota.

Our Mission

Connect with people

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Connect with organizations

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Build long-term progressive infrastructure

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