Progress North is a trusted organization in the Northwoods, the primary focus of which is connecting the people of northern Wisconsin
to each other – and others across the state – across the deep divisions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and generation.
We center all of our work around the values of equity, people centered democracy, and the common good.

We are from northern Wisconsin and we know that people here have a strong sense of identity centered in their rural communities and small towns, and that each has its own unique sensibility. But there are common values and ideals that connect us all and make this a wonderful place to live. We have the opportunity to focus public attention on creating a country where everyone is safe and free, with a care system and economy that works for all of us.

And we have a clear vision for a better future: by coming together to rewrite the rules and making the wealthiest few pay their fair share, we can ensure that everyone — Black, white and brown, native and newcomer — can earn a good living and have a good life; we can resource our schools so that every child can pursue their dreams; and we can provide families with the care we all need to get and stay well.

Progress North is an independent project, fiscally sponsored by TakeAction Minnesota.


Ashland’s Vaughn Library needs us! On the April 2 ballot, its future is at stake with a referendum question to fund the necessary improvements and upgrades to carry it into the next 130+ years!

From childhood to our golden years, libraries are places where imagination meets information and ideas bloom. In Ashland, we believe a good library is not a luxury – but rather a necessity of life. Years of deferred maintenance and lack of investment have left our own Vaughn Library struggling to meet the demands of a modern community. And lately rumors and misinformation threaten to strip the vital resources it needs to operate safely and successfully. By coming together, we can cut through the fog and realize that a fully funded library project is not only possible, it’s the best and most affordable way to move forward.

ON APRIL 2, we can vote YES for the Vaughn, YES for Ashland, and YES for the future!

Click HERE to check out what our friends are doing over at VOTE YES VAUGHN!

From Allouez & Itasca to Billings Park, everyone in Superior wants our families to have the freedom to drink clean water, breathe safe air, and live in healthy neighborhoods.

For too long, fossil fuel CEOs and their big money operations have spread lies about the possibility for change while they hike up our rates and pollute our surroundings, targeting the communities they think can’t fight back.

That’s not who we are and we won’t back down!

Together, we can stand up and demand our freedom to breathe easier and thrive in a safe and healthy SuperiorNo exceptions!


Click HERE to check out what our friends are doing over at NEIGHBORS AGAINST NTEC!



You’ve seen the headlines about voters across the country voting uncommitted in the Presidential Primary as we move toward the national conventions and unavoidable uptick in campaigning. In Wisconsin, we have a similar option, called “Uninstructed.”

Voters from every corner of Wisconsin will be at the polls on Tuesday, April 2. We fought for fair maps so that each and every one of us could realize the power of our vote, the power of our voice, and the power of our communities to choose our leaders. So as you’re deciding what to do when that pen is in your hand, it’s important to know your options. Your voice is your voice and it should be heard!

We’ve put together some helpful information so we can all understand the Uninstructed option, what it means, how it works, and most importantly – that it’s a valid way to make your voice heard and is MUCH more effective than not voting at all, especially at a time when so many of our communities need us to show up for those down ballot races and questions.

Click HERE to read more about voting uninstructed.

Click HERE for information about voting in Wisconsin.

Click HERE to help us get the word out about the importance of issues – local to state to federal – as we move through a pivotal year of action.

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