No matter where in Wisconsin we live, we want our loved ones to be safe and thrive. This means living in communities where we look out for each other, having great schools for our kids with supported and valued staff, and access to comprehensive healthcare and support systems that help us get through hard times and ensure we come out better on the other side. 


This spring, we can make Wisconsin better for each other. We will select the next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice to cast the deciding vote on our freedoms: freedom to decide whether and when to have kids, freedom to vote, freedom for communities to pick our own leaders, and more. 


But instead of helping us secure our freedoms, a wealthy and powerful few are peddling fear in the hopes of having us sit out this election or pick a judge who will serve their interests – not ours. Our vote is our power, and across race and place, we’re coming together as voters to elect a Supreme Court justice who values all our freedoms and knows what it really takes to make us safe.