Biden visits Superior following State of the Union address confronting challenges at home, abroad


President Joe Biden is visiting Superior Wednesday following his first State of the Union address to tout the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law as he navigates challenges amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s economic recovery.

Biden delivered his address to Congress as his administration has expanded sanctions against Russia, targeting the country’s central bank. The president is facing criticism from Republican lawmakers who claim he has been weak in his response against Russia. During his address, the president said the U.S. is closing its airspace to all Russian flights and underscored the nation’s importance as a world leader standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his country’s aggression.

“Putin’s war was premeditated and unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy,” Biden said. “He thought the West and NATO wouldn’t respond. And he thought he could divide us here at home. Putin was wrong. We were ready.”

During his speech, Biden said that the U.S. is working with 30 nations to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves worldwide as energy prices rise related to the Russian invasion. That includes 30 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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