TO: Wisconsinites and our public officials

Sign the Count On Us Pledge to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.

No matter what we look like or where we come from, Wisconsinites believe that our state and country should be places where everyone counts and where every vote is counted — and this year, it’s going to take longer to count the votes and verify a winner.

But, certain politicians want to cheat and bully their way through this election they know they’re losing. They hope that by stoking fear, sowing doubt, and fueling division, they can keep us from voting and distract us from their failure to ensure we have the care and support we need during this pandemic. Well, they’ve got another thing coming.

From Milwaukee to Bayfield, Wisconsinites from all walks of life are uniting across our differences to lift our voices and cast our votes for an America where everyone counts, and where every vote is counted, no exceptions.

By joining together, we will swear in a government elected by and for the people. Whatever our occupation, accent, or zip code — we count on us.

Sign the Count On Us Pledge to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.

Why is this important?
We, the people of Wisconsin, call on our public officials to:

-Be proactive about making sure voters know their rights and have access to all voting options including voting by mail, in-person early voting, and safe and accessible voting on Election Day.

-Support local clerks and municipalities to ensure that every voter that chooses to vote in person on Election Day has an accessible and safe voting location, including proper protections against the spread of COVID-19 such as clearly marked mask requirements, social distancing guidance and hand sanitizer.

-Take immediate action to protect Wisconsinites from voter intimidation at the polls and from misinformation campaigns.

-Set the expectation that in Wisconsin every vote is counted and that all voters have a meaningful chance to procure provisional or mail-in ballots if needed.

-Support local election officials and the media to communicate proactively and transparently with voters about the ballot counting process and when to expect results.