David Mettille

Communications Manager
Email: david.progressnorth@gmail.com


David may be a transplant from the big city, but his lived experiences on his journey to finding home on the south shore of the big lake have led him time and again to work that defends the common good. For nearly a decade, he has called Ashland, Wisconsin his home.

As a member of the LGTBQ+ community, David has experienced firsthand the discrimination and inequity that is inherent in a society steeped in homophobia, heteronormativity, and gender normativity.  As a person with an autoimmune disorder, he knows too well the reality of navigating a for-profit healthcare system that fails those of us who are most vulnerable. As a single father of a child adopted from foster care, he has seen the very real effects of “the system” and its deficiencies when it comes to meeting the most basic needs of the underrepresented.

David has always felt the need to work against the systems that leave so many behind. He has volunteered for candidates, served his local community in various ways including two terms as its City Council President, and led local organizing efforts focused on a breadth of issues ranging from domestic partner benefits, marriage equality, cannabis legalization, and investment in public education.

After a brief hiatus to focus on guiding his son through some major transitions, and while the political landscape continued to deteriorate across Wisconsin and in Washington, DC, David once again felt compelled to be more involved. When the opportunity to work with Progress North presented itself, he knew this was his call back to the work that feeds his soul: pursuing a better world through the fights against white supremacy, gender oppression, and corporate power.

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