We voted. We were heard. They can’t take it away.

Most of us believe everyone counts, no matter our race, accent or zip code. Trump knows he is losing this election, so he wants to pick and choose how votes will be counted. He hopes that by sowing chaos and stoking fear, it will stop us from winning.

But we’re onto him and we count on us.

This election, we proved nothing will stop us from making our voices heard and our votes counted. We turned out in record numbers to pick new leaders who will care and govern for all of us.

And Biden’s huge vote lead shows it.
No matter how many lawsuits are filed or how many press conferences are held, the will of the people is stronger than the noise. We voted for a shared set of values and a better future for us all and we are winning.
Grab your mask, bring a sign, and join us. A majority of Americans have voted in huge numbers to move forward to tackle our nation’s greatest challenges and make life better for all of us. Time to move forward to the healthier, more equitable and more just future we voted for. So let’s do this!


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