Doctors Slam Johnson for Promoting a ‘Clown Car’ of COVID Conspiracy Theorists

Senator spread multiple falsehoods in a DC event based on undermining vaccine confidence.

Doctors with the Committee to Protect Health Care on Monday said US Sen. Ron Johnson continued to pose a public health risk due to his continued spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.

Three doctors—Dr. Ann Helms, a Milwaukee neurologist and state lead with the Committee to Protect Health Care; Dr. Bob Freedland, a La Crosse opthamologist; and Dr. William Reid, a Watertown cardiac surgeon—raked Johnson over the coals hours after he hosted a panel featuring a dozen doctors known to spread discredited claims and conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

“Sen. Johnson isn’t going to save lives, protect people, or get people back safely in schools or work by rolling out a clown car of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists who will only give people very bad and dangerous ideas,” Freedland said.

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Speakers at Johnson’s panel spread multiple falsehoods, such as that the disproven drug ivermectin is a viable COVID-19 treatment, the development of COVID-19 vaccines was rushed, and that Black people need a lower dose of vaccine.

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