Kleefisch Fails to Win GOP Endorsement, Responds by Declaring Victory


Wisconsin’s Republican Party convention adopted resolutions to criminalize abortion, abolish bipartisan state election commission, not allow automatic citizenship for babies born in the United States, and oppose gun safety rules with broad public support.

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch will not be able to get valuable support from the state Republican Party ahead of the August 9 primary for governor, after she failed to win the party’s endorsement at the GOP’s state convention on Saturday.

Per the rules set by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Kleefisch would have needed to receive the support of 60% of delegates at the convention in Middleton. But Kleefisch, who served with former Gov. Scott Walker for eight years, could only muster 55%, while 43% of delegates voted to have the party decline to endorse any of the four Republican candidates running for governor. 

It’s the first time the state party has refused to provide a gubernatorial candidate with an endorsement and the immense pre-primary financial support it provides. 


Kleefisch fell short despite spending the past three-and-a-half years publicly seeking a clear path toward the nomination. 

Even though she failed to win the party’s endorsement, Kleefisch responded by declaring victory and saying she felt “terrific.”  She emphasized her campaign will focus on the potential for the US Supreme Court to take away abortion rights.

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