Republican Senate leader says no more confirmations for Evers appointees

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) told that the body is done confirming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ appointees for the rest of his term. 

Since Evers took office in 2019, Republicans in the Senate have been slow to confirm many of Evers’ appointees in positions across the executive branch from cabinet level secretary positions to seats on a number of important boards and commissions. With LeMahieu saying his body is done with confirmations, Evers’ ability to extend Democratic control over state government is halted as Republicans focus on trying to retake the governor’s office in the November election. 

LeMahieu’s statement makes official what has been the informal policy of Republicans for several years as they look to run out the clock on Evers. 

“You’ve got what is essentially a coup to maintain the last governor’s control of the board, they’re basically stealing power,” Jeff Mandell, co-founder of progressive legal outfit Law Forward, told the Wisconsin Examiner in June. “They’ve found sort of a back door way to perpetuate the legacy, power and policies of Gov. [Scott] Walker — who the voters chose to get rid of.” 

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