St. Croix Co. Democrats confused after charges against Waukesha official who lives outside district

After a local official in Waukesha County was charged with seven felonies this week following allegations that she doesn’t live in her district, Democrats in St. Croix County and the surrounding area expressed  outrage over the disparate treatment of the Waukesha County official compared with Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls), who they say is lying about where he lives

Kathleen Cummings, who has served as both a Waukesha County Supervisor and a City of Waukesha alderwoman for two decades, resigned abruptly earlier this week. On Wednesday, she was charged with seven felonies following an investigation that found she had moved to a new home outside of her district in 2012 while continuing to use the old home’s address, which she still owns, for voting and official paperwork. 

Cummings is facing five counts of false swearing, each tied to oaths she had taken between 2015 and 2019, and two counts of election fraud. 

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