Supreme Court chooses maps proposed by Evers in redistricting case

Via WI Examiner:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court chose proposals by Gov. Tony Evers for new Assembly, Senate and Congressional maps in the state, though because of a decision last year, the maps don’t change much from the strict partisan gerrymander that has been in place for the last decade. 

Because of Wisconsin’s political geography, a Democratic majority in the Legislature remains unlikely, but the court’s choice of Evers’ proposal does mean that a seventh majority Black Assembly district will be created in the Milwaukee area. 

In the decision, conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn sided with the court’s three liberal-leaning justices, Ann Walsh Bradley, Rebecca Dallet and Jill Karofsky.

“In assessing the information presented by the parties, we conclude there are good reasons to believe a seventh majority-Black district is needed to satisfy the VRA,” Hagedorn wrote. “Governor Evers’ assembly map accomplishes this. For these reasons, we adopt Governor Evers’ proposed remedial state senate and state assembly maps.”

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