The Progressive’s Quarterly: July 2022



We wasted no time this spring as we worked to build relationships, talk about the issues we care most about as Northwestern Wisconsinites, stop misinformation in its tracks, and prepare for the midterm election cycle. It was a fast-paced few months, packed with successes and trials. 

Before we go on, though, we acknowledge and affirm:

No matter our race, background, or zip code, most of us believe we should have the freedom to decide for ourselves whether and when we have children. That requires accessible abortion care. Today, certain politicians aim to pass laws that destroy our freedoms, undermine our right to an abortion, & endanger our futures. While we’re busy fighting for our basic rights, they hand the money they take from our healthcare & schools to their corporate donors. From the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v Jackson to the criminal conspiracy to sabotage our election, certain politicians want to destroy our freedoms, control our lives, and block policies the majority of us favor. Together, we must ensure we have the freedom to get the care we need, elect the leaders we support, and make the decisions that are right for our families.


In April, we launched our three-phase project to combat the growing presence of misinformation in our region. We worked collaboratively to address pressing issues, the misinformation that is being peddled around them, and the truth. We opened an office in Superior, and began hiring our field team who you’ll likely meet at your doors and on your phones over the course of the next few months. Part of the team traveled to Washington, DC to meet others across the nation doing similar work. We launched our canvass program and endorsed our first candidate: Mandela Barnes for US Senate!

Lead Organzier Cheyenne Otto Defoe, Executive Director Shawnu Ksicinski, and Digital Organizer Jade Livingsotn in Washington, DC making sure our region is represented at the America Votes Summit. 

Postcarding events have been held throughout the region – watch for more opportunities to come help make sure voters know how and where to register!


Friends, we’re busy! There’s so much going on and the opportunities to help make a difference are plentiful.  From Postcards for Power to storytelling tocanvassing, we’ve got something for everyone. Check it all out HERE.
Join the only permanent, local organization north of Highway 8 working on voter engagement and issue advocacy as we gear up to make big moves in the 2022 election.
We’re hiring … at a thriving wage!
Click HERE for information on availabile positions!
One of the ways we stay connected to you and the issues you care about is showing up all across our region! Check out these upcoming local events:

Red Cliff Powwow: July 1-3

LCO Powwow: July 15-17

Ashland Bay Days

Bad River Powwow: August 26-28

Duluth/Superior September Pride: Sept 1-3

Once again, Wisconsin is moving into another very important November election. Progress North members, Leaders and Staff will be screening candidates running for Senate District 25, Assembly District 73 and Assembly District 74 in July. Stay tuned for more information.


I’ve been a resident of Superior for 23 years and have been a teacher for 18 of those years (with occasional detours into other jobs along the way) But teaching has been the only job I’ve had thus far that I don’t mind getting out of bed in the morning to do. There are many things about teaching that I’ve enjoyed, but if I had to choose a favorite, it’s seeing the children learn and grow as people, from reaching milestones in learning to their ABCs to learning to say please and thank you. Knowing that you’ve played a part in that is rewarding. 

The pandemic has had a major impact on the center. Many of my coworkers left, and as a result our enrollment dropped… As the pandemic wore on the applicant pool dried up, the people that did apply didn’t show up for interviews… As a result it was decided that keeping the doors open wouldn’t be sustainable, and the final day of daycare is June 10.

Access to affordable daycare is a major problem in our area, our center isn’t the only one that has issues with staffing, and it seems to me that it will continue to be an issue… in our current economy it is almost essential for households to have more than one person providing income for their family just to make ends meet. The other part of the issue is that pay for providers isn’t the greatest, which makes it difficult to attract new people into childcare.

Personally, the upcoming closure has forced me to look for new employment, and not necessarily in the daycare industry. The changes have been difficult, I’ve had many families ask me what my plans are after my time at daycare is done, and I really don’t know what to say.

The parents have been forced to look for alternative care for their children, and many of the families have decided to keep their children at the center until the door closes for the last time. Thankfully the Director has done a great job helping our families find alternative care, and as of now most of the families have found care at other centers when their time is up.”  



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