Wisconsin Has 176,000 Lead Pipes. The Infrastructure Bill Will Help Take Them Out.

The bipartisan infrastructure legislation that Biden recently signed includes $15 billion to replace lead pipes across the country.

While it is not yet clear how much of the lead-pipe remediation funding will go to Wisconsin, it will undoubtedly make a dent in efforts to replace the state’s estimated 176,000 remaining lead service pipes. Houses built before 1950 are the most likely to have lead water lines.

As part of the infrastructure spending, Wisconsin is expected to receive $841 million to address water infrastructure overall during the next five years in addition to nearly $6 billion toward roads, bridges, and public transit and $100 million for broadband expansion.

Additional funding for lead water pipe removal is badly needed, local government leaders in Wisconsin said. They praised the infrastructure deal, saying it’s necessary to not only replace lead pipes but to address such issues as roads in need of repair, unsafe bridges, and the need for improved broadband.

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